New Year – New Resolutions

Like many people, I have decided to try and better myself in this new year. I am well aware that most resolutions fail but I am of the persuasion any attempt to improve one’s self is a worthy goal. For even if you don’t obtain your goal you will still have bettered yourself in some way. Take my friend Patrick, who I have learned is trying to make something every day. He works part time as a carpenter while going to school so this is a little more feasible of a goal for him then most but still almost certainly doomed to fail. However, who cares? If he averages making one new thing a week then he has gained that much more experience and is that much better of a person.

My personal goals, for those of you who care are loose and abstract. I intend to cook more, especially trying to utilize more fresh fruits and veggies. Ideally I will have found some new go to recipes by the end of the year. To accomplish this I have tabbed some cookbooks of mine with recipes I wish to try. While doing this I am to take notes so I can learn from my experiences. Don’t be surprised if I start blogging more food related items as a result.

Along with this goal to refine my cooking skills are some parallel goals: eat healthier, have more dinner parties, and work out more to offset the additional calorie intake.