Beef it is… confusing.

Like many people I have gazed down upon display cases housing all sorts of beef cuts, and been utterly lost. I knew the basics, marbling is good, funny smells are bad. However I never really understood where on a cow the cuts came from. Now thanks to an image passed along from that’s so yummy I can easily identify what goes where.


Also thanks to Peta’s all animals have the same parts campaign I know how that corresponds to my body, which makes things even easier. Parts that get a lot of use are tougher cuts, this is the round and the shank, your arms and legs. Parts that get relatively little use are very tender, so the sirloin and the loin, your lower back.

The more tender a steak the better it is for grilling, the tougher a steak the better for the crock pot or other slow cooking method.